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Ok, So I did it!!
I normally tell my mum everything so decided to tell her I am seeing a woman. She met me yesterday with my brother and I just bit the bullet and said "mum, I need to tell you something. I have met someone I really care about and who cares about me. The thing is, its a woman". She was shocked but took it well. She is just a bit annoyed about me having no more children for the forseeable future. My brother was fine about it and is happy for me
I thought as I had told my mum, I had better tell my dad so rang him and asked him to come over. I said basically the same thing to him and got "wow....erm....are you sure??". When he found out I was, he just sat there and I got a bit worried. Then he hugged me and told me as long as I was happy then he was.
I told my ex husband too and he has also taken it well. He is my daughters dad so its only fair that he knows the score too.
So yesterday was very eventful for me. I had text message support from my sweetheart and also my best mates throughout which really helped and they had vodka on standby in case it all went wrong. I have lost a couple of friends through my relationship with my girl. They have declared it "sick, wrong, not normal". Im so glad my family didnt feel the same Confusedmile:Confusedmile:Confusedmile:Confusedmile:Confusedmile:Confusedmile:
Congratulations! Well done, hellokitty28. Seriously, well done ... very pleased for you. That's an awful lot of unravelling and reweaving to tackle in one sitting, but you did it. I'm glad the most important people took it well. Sad about the others, but they will probably turn out not to matter very much in the longer term.

Now get on with your life Xyxthumbs
Sounds like it was a pretty eventful day for you Kitty, I am so pleased it went so well for you as well.........

[Image: hug.gif]

Well done hello kitty, it is never easy comming to your'e familly and its allways a risk. My parents took it extremely well though my mum was in denial for a while and still hopes that i eventually meet a women and will settle down. As for the friends you lost, you will make new friends and probably more understanding ones which will be accepting of who you really are. Thanks for sharing your'e story it is really inspiring ,and you get my best wishe's for the future , hope all goes well for you and your'e girlie.
that is very good how peple wasent cross. Confusedmile: very well done
HKitty that is just fantastic news. It was very liberating for me and I hope that it is the same for you.

Best of luck
Congrats hun.. glad its gone so well for you!!! As for the friends you lost.. well, look at my sig.. the quote makes a lot of sense Confusedmile:

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
Wow, good decision. Well if i met a right guy i will tell my my mom too.
Cheers, Slamet
Hi all. Thanks for the comments. I totally agree with your sig Wouldlikemuscle. Very very true. I feel a lot better now that I dont have to hide things from my family but I think it will be a long time before I tell my grandparents as they would not be impressed and I dont want to upset them.

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