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One Wish
If you were granted one wish to come true what would it be?
An eye for an eye
Tough question... Really is... Of all the things I could wish for I would probably wish to end all pain and suffering in the world...I'd say that would be the best outcome I think.
I honestly can't say that I am as altruistic as Axle right now. I really wish for independence which is something I have never enjoyed. That, of course, means a large chunk of money.The money would get me out of debt, free me from working, allow me to pursue interests that are presently beyond my means. AND, in the long run, it would enable philanthropy, a joy that I have always wished to indulge.
I bid NO Trump!
I know what you mean...I thought about wishing to live forever, but I don't know if that would be the thing I would really want... I don't know if I would want to change my mind later on... I think being able to live forever would also be self defeating, why "live" when you have all the time on your hands.

Kind of scary and sad to see people suffering from hunger and disease when we're all fat and happy over here... I doubt they're getting offended by a meme they seen on Instagram or protesting Black Friday....they just want food and to live another day. If I had the money to donate I would rather be part of the difference, not just donating to a charity where most of my money will likely end up paying the chairman. I think this day and age, with all the technology and industrialization that anyone should die from starvation or lack of water and disease.

Eh...I won't go on a rant...I'm sure everyone gets the picture...
I always have to overthink these questions, and ask who is granting the wishes, why is it being granted, and what are the risks? And who else is getting wishes? Maybe I should use a wish to protect me from being collateral damage (or even a target) of someone else's wish? :eek:

Wish for world peace and get world domination, or even extinction. Or maybe get what I intended...but perhaps only for 10 seconds, or maybe 10 years when the pendulum has to swing the other way.

I'd probably wish for knowledge, but that could conceivably drive me mad. Even if I was very pleased with the results, it might leave one or more people with the knowledge I wished no longer having it as the wishing magic sucked it right out of their heads and gave it to me...and in that case, maybe their personality would affect my own... :eek:

I had a dream over 10 years ago in which me and my dad were both granted 3 wishes each but in the dream they turned out to be temporary which made it bitter sweet. And even in the dream I was suspicious about these wishes and warning Dad against accepting them.

But the last wish was nice. Knowing it was temporary and nothing could change that (after Dad made a wish and I then wished it was permanent and though it lasted longer and was nice it ended tragically as the "wish energy" ran out and reality cruelly reverted to the status quo) I made a wish that I could fly and then gently float down before the wish ended. And it was a wonderful wish though interesting enough I saw some friends I'd gone to school with and they couldn't see me, though one asked the others if they heard me as I flew through one while shouting at her. It was during a beautiful dawn/dusk (should've been dawn but it looked more like dusk going by the activity) and that last one at least was very pleasant. I woke up right after.

And what about wishing for other people? My brain then ponders Tychism and wondering if I've deprived people of something, or perhaps took away the appreciation for it if it came too easy. I'd feel terrible if it turned out wrong, and I doubt I'd let anyone make a (magical) wish on my behalf, even if I thought the person meant well. At least I'd feel less guilty if I wished something for myself and it turned out wrong.

I'd probably wish for something small, but even then I think of this scene with Homer Simpson (and hopefully he didn't catch any food poisoning or diseases from eating that which wouldn't constitute as a "weird surprise" in my book):

[Image: 56f8f830873d0134ee83005056a9545d]

[Image: ec5a367047f1013010fe001dd8b71c47]
I would want to spend one day with my Nan who passed when I was only 5 years old.
[Image: screen-shot-2016-01-11-at-7-13-22-am.jpg...=all&w=780]
axle2152 Wrote:Of all the things I could wish for I would probably wish to end all pain and suffering in the world...

I remember Mulder wishing something like that once:

''Do I look civilized to you?''
endless wishes
Not including wealth. Anyone who says money cant buy happiness never grew up dirt poor.

I would like to own land in the middle of nowhere desert with a little adobe house that has a wooden porch.

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