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One interesting fact about yourself?
What is one interesting fact about yourself?
An eye for an eye
I have albino eyebrows.
At home and at work, I type on a Dvorak keyboard.

[Image: 1280px-KB_United_States_Dvorak.svg.png]

I can do one handed cartwheels.
I assembled bombs and missiles on the uss ranger during the gulf war.
Lexington Wrote:At home and at work, I type on a Dvorak keyboard.

[Image: 1280px-KB_United_States_Dvorak.svg.png]


I made an attempt to learn the dvorak keyboard layout. Went through the tedious task of making labels for the keys and everything... Long story short, I switched back lol. You really have to allow a lot of time to get used to it... going from 50-60 wpm to 10 gets frustrating lol.

Anyway, something interesting about me...

Well I think I am probably the nerdiest guy here probably... I do ham radio, drive a prius... film photography...

I do not like sweet tea...

I can drink it hot, but has to be plain...

Same with coffee... I don't put cream or sugar in it either...

Some guy on Facebook had a problem with People crack me up....
At the age of 31, I still have both sets of grandparents and two great grand parents, both over 100.
My great grandmother calls me her baby boy because I am the baby in my family and the most spoiled (I don't think I'm spoiled, however).

Now that I typed that, I'm not sure how interesting that will be to anyone, but my friends thinks it's amazing.
I'm jealous. The last of my grandparent passed away in 1973, a month before I turned 5 years old.

My interesting fact...I have been studying family history and genealogy since 1981 when I learned that my great great grand father was a World Champion Skuller (Oarsman). He retired undefeated and still holds a world record for most amount of world championships. He won 7 in a row defeating champions from the mother land England and a world champion previously undefeated from Canada, Ned Hanlon three times

I am also writing a book based on the journals of a great uncle and aunt that built their own Ketch and sailed the world together.
[Image: screen-shot-2016-01-11-at-7-13-22-am.jpg...=all&w=780]
People say that "I'm white" or sometimes "part asian" but in fact I'm 25% Black, 37.5% Native American 25% White-European and like 12.5% Middle Eastern descendant. lol
Emiliano Wrote:I can do one handed cartwheels.

Thought of this when I read this Tongue

In the first year of high school, there was a guy who brought a one wheel bike to school.
I tried it, and to my surprise I could write it with ease.
Highly doubt I'd have the balance for it now, but I wouldn't be surprised if I could ride one still.

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