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One ring phone scam
Meh, this is why I just don't answer weird unknown numbers..

number that seem to be cell phones, sure..

numbers that I know have my college first 3 digits, sure

my phone's company numbers (I have them memorized, hehe) and other weird numbers, never..

I remember once some weird number called and then disconnected.

I never return missed calls, or "hang ups" like those. If someone wanted to contact me they will try again and talk instead of disconnect

So far haven't been charged with anything. meh

Also, the number that called and got diconnect was the same everytime it did and I memorized that one too so I don't even answer it anymore
Lilitu Wrote:I dont even have caller ID, but there always are people calling me then disconnecting.

Maybe it was this scam.

No scam.............just me prankin ya!!!!

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