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Open relationships?
I have always wondered about open relatinonships. Has anyone been in one or is currently in one and actually been/is happy? Also if you havent been in one what is your opinion on them?
If this is any help, I am in an "open" relationship that is monogamous, apparently... ie, at our ages, I gave my partner the choice to use his body as he sees fit, and if this requires him finding sexual or emotional solace from someone else, I've told him he was free to do so. The only condition I put on it was that he'd remember to take precautions so that I would not be affected, should any sexual diseases be involved. So far, I believe, my partner has not found it necessary to seek any relationship or relief outside of our relationship. I hope that we'd be honest enough with each other to admit to such recourse, if and when it happened. That's my experience.
I've never been or ever willing to be in an open relationship for a couple of reasons. My current boyfriend told me that one of his exs wanted to have an open relationship and he agreed. The problem started when my bf's ex didn't want him to actually be with anyone else, he only wanted himself to be able to date around. The second reason is that I believe a relationship should be monogamous. If I'm dating someone, I would only want that one person.
I see, I really don't know if I could agree with it to much because I would constantly wonder what my partner would be doing or whom rather. Then come home to me and kiss me or have sex with me after being with someone else....I am not comfortable about that.
The most liberating thing is to be allowed to roam. We don't own our partners. My fidelity is a gift I am pleased to give my partner. It is more than he has ever asked for, but I am pretty sure he feels special because I have chosen monogamy with him.

That's not to say one could not slip up. Who knows what the future might bring? I just don't see it happening in any future I can presently envisage.
Although you may have a point we have come along way in the last ten years compared to the last fifty. So we are getting there...slowly but the train is still chugging along.
my last relations was an open relationship, it totally sucked.
I guess i can see it happen of the two partners both want to have sex with everyone else and their partner but im a one mate man, so it was one sided and my partner got to hoar around while i sat on the side lines wondering just how much C$%%k was enough.......

i've recently lost any respect for it, I'm not sure i can eve call tow people that can't be happy just having sex with each-other, a relationship (but that's my opinion)
opened relationships are not for me if MY love is not enough for my man then we should not be together . however i can understand those who do.
I just will NOT be with another man if i KNOW he has a lover.
and as i have a lover i would never cheat on him
My ex bf while we were dating wanted to have sex with girls. I didn't want him to feel trapped while we were dating so I said yes to try to make him happy, even though I really didn't want us to mess around with others, that's what he wanted so I would have gone along with it. WOuldn't have sex with a girl but u know what I mean lol.
I voted "Not Sure".... even though I probably couldn't handle it personally. I've never been in an open relationship, but if it works for other people, go for it!

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