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Opening a new disco thread....
So what do you guys (and gals) think of this? I'd never heard it before but thanks to YouTUbe....

There's no fancy dancing in that one.... but I think i'll give you one with some nice dancing boys...
Cazwell: Ice Cream Truck

Jonny McGovern Sexy Nerd
the new disco stuff... but we're still open for the oldies...

LOL PA! I thought the last two videos were cute....

I dont' really know any disco after 1996 ...

I have been listening to my Brothers Johnson stuff this past week and put it on my last workout tape.....

This was disco/R&B crossover stuff but when I was a DJ I played the hell out of all of them and it always packed the dance floor....

Stomp! (My favorite)

Strawberry Letter 23 (My other favorite:biggrinSmile

Get The Funk Out Ma Face

Ill Be Good To You

East, I agree that Stomp belongs here... Definitely.
5,000 VOLTS - Dr Kiss Kiss

Just heard this on another site played by a mate...
it seems it fits the bill.

Disco Tex and his Sex-O-Lettes : Get Dancin'

Carl Bean - I Was Born This Way... another one I didn't know but thanks to my Finnish disco bunny friend, you're getting it good too... haha. Confusedmile: :biggrin:

Interesting long version (especially the beginning, otherwise, I prefer the first video...

And here's a modern version thereof by some young dude...

POSITIVE FORCE - We've Got The Funk
(I'm re-posting this one, because it's so cool...

Odyssey - Inside Out

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