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Our most famous gay guy
faceslikemine Wrote:I have never heard of him lol. I will have to google him :/

LOL...I actually had to google him too. I had heard his name before but I really didn't know what he had done until I read about it again (BARF) and then I remembered hearing about it years ago...and I had no idea he was gay.

I think saying he is the most famous gay person is as silly as saying Charles Manson is the most famous straight person.

MY gay next door neighbor is more famous to me than some dead cannibal.
A certain Anthony Morley, 36, who was the first the first winner of Mr Gay UK,could be a good contender for one of Britain's most infamous gays? Lets just have some sorrow for the victims families who were left to mourn the loss of a loved one.

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