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Out on facebook
Im out on Facebook. I posted this pic and said "It's 2011 people. For those who dont know............Im out of the closet."

[Image: 7213641aaa.gif]
Way to go, man! That is a big step right there. I'm glad you are out to everyone, even to people you might not ever meet in person that you befriended on Facebook.
Congratulations!!!!! :]]]]]
I guess that's one way to do it! Congratulations for having the confidence and good luck.
This wasnt exactly planned. I did it shortly after midnight while I still had liquid courage in me. I was a little tipsy but knew exactly what I was doing at the time. I thought about and I was like F*ck it, right now is as good time as any since its new years. So far my reception has been all positive. The real test is going to be next week at work when I have to face some of my coworkers who are Facebook friends. Im already an outcast at work so I really dont care what they think of me. I could of very well deleted the post this morning when I woke up but chose not to. I have no regrets.
Go go Marvinteck
Woo! You go man!
word! im proud of you
Congrats Dude! I hope this open doors and will lead to great things for you in the year to come!
Very Bold indeed, but congratulations and it's good that you feel so posititive about keeping the notice up for longer... it shows both determination and courage.

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