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Panti's Noble Call
Now that I have played a few games I have boosted my post count to be able to post this inspiring video. A few weeks ago Irish drag artist, Panti, referred to people during an RTE discussion programme as homophobic. There was an uproar and RTE shelled out something like €80,000 to the poor offended 'phobes.

Panti was given a platform to speak after a recent theatrical performance. This is just an amazing and articulate statement. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Now, can I remember how to post a video?

I was watching a debate on gay marriage the other night on RTE and I was wondering why they were being so careful not to call out or name anyone as being homophobic... now I know why, thanks!

They'll probably be tiptoeing around this until the referendum on gay marriage next year.
ggugcuuau Wrote:... They'll probably be tiptoeing around this until the referendum on gay marriage next year.

Yes, that is disappointing. I rather thought that Ireland might realise that an equality issue should not be the subject of a referendum.
Aye, you'd think but it's to do with the constitution which never actually mentions marriage being between a man and a woman:

Article 41.3.1 of the Constitution says only that "The State pledges itself to guard with special care the institution of Marriage, on which the Family is founded, and to protect it against attack."

But this is coming from a country that allowed a blasphemy law to be introduced in 2009! Ireland is moving in the right direction, it's just that the catholic church is still trying to dig its claws in and refuses the idea that Ireland is becoming more secular.

Panti, for queen of Ireland!!!!!
Ireland is where my family comes from (grandparents; I'm an Irish boy in an all Italian city!) and why I have so few relatives on the father side in Canada--- sucks that they're had famine and strife and arguments with England (Easter Rising) and economic turmoil so often through the years.

But on the upside, at least everything bad has already happened --- so what's the hold up with gay marriage????!!! Smile
Ireland is probably the the most conservative country of western Europe. It is still far too influenced by the Catholic Church and as long as the church is there to brainwash more people it will always be the way it is, unfortunately!

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