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Paranormal creatures
Which paranormal creatures have you guys heard off or even seen?
An eye for an eye
The Black Dog of Newgate

[Image: blackdogofnewgate.jpg]

The Black Dog of Newgate is a legend concerning the haunting of the former Newgate Prison of London, which was located next to the Old Bailey (The Central Criminal Court), close to St. Pauls Cathedral, in London, England.

This account of a haunting based at the prison is an example of the English Black Dog category of supernatural manifestation, featuring a spectral hound of ill-omen or malicious intent, which is a notable archetype in British folklore and superstition.

The earliest account of the story dates from the publication The Discovery of a London Monster, called The Blacke Dogg of Newgate: Profitable for all Readers to Take Heed by[1]

Although believed to have long existed in folklore previously, the earliest recorded account of the legend dates from 1596, and is credited to a prison inmate called Luke Hutton. A notable copy of the book and its woodcut frontispiece is held at the Guildhall Library, London[2]

The story recounts that during a famine in the reign of King Henry III of England, a scholar was incarcerated in Newgate prison who had the reputation of being a sorcerer, a warlock who had Done much hurt to the Kings subjects with his Charms and Devilish Witchcraft. The famine was so severe and the conditions so bad during this terrible period that the prisoners had already resorted to cannibalism, and soon after his arrival they consumed this new arrival, who was unable to physically defend himself. Shortly after this crime was committed, the inmates guilty of his death reportedly began seeing the spectre of a monstrous black dog walking up and down the Prison, which they were convinced was the sorcerers spirit returning to avenge himself upon his murderers. This being reportedly killed and consumed those responsible one by one, until the last survivors, driven mad by fear, broke out of the gaol and escaped.[3]

This creature is supposed to have pursued the escapes wherever they went or tried to hide until it had avenged itself upon them all.

Towards the end of the narrative the unnamed stranger claims that the tale of the spiritual dog is untrue, and that the only Black Dog he has heard any account of is a great blacke Stone standing in the dungeon called "Limbo", the place where the condemned prisoners are put after their judgement, and against which felons have dashed out their brains in their distress.

Intended as a morality tale preaching against the low behaviour and base living of the inmates of the prison, during a period when conditions for inmates were particularly horrific, the story was allegedly recounted by Luke Hutton to a stranger only described as a poor Thin-gut fellow in the Black Dog Public House.[4]

Hutton dedicated the work to the then Lord Chief Justice Sir John Pophame, and owing to its moral theme it may have helped to secure its release.

There is some speculation as to whether this haunting of the Black Dog of Newgate is also connected to nearby Amen Court, where an alleged ghost, supposedly in the form of an amorphous "Black Shape," creeps along the high wall which formerly separated the prison from the homes of many of the churchmen of St. Paul's Cathedral. Sightings of this shape have never been clear enough for its physical form to be identified.

[Image: giphy.gif]
I've never seen a paranormal creature before, but I have been really into listening to a podcast lately all about Dog Man, which is a werewolfesque monster. Mothman interests me too but I heard something about how if you take an interest in it, it'll take an interest in you.... Sad
I have on occasion seen "orbs" or spheres. I have always attributed it simply to starring at brightish objects (like monitors) or something. Kinda like when you look/glance at the sun you get a black circle that sorta has a fixed point in your vision for about 10 minutes or soo.

Typically the orbs I would see I catch them at times when im looking around, make a turn into the kitchen or something I notice out of the corner of my eye a slightly darker small object maybe a circle with a 1.5ft radius I see it for only a moment then when I look at that spot precisely, its gone.

I have attributed it to being my cat at times and not even look more closely only to walk into the living room and have her asleep on the couch. I put no stock in spirits so it doesn't bother me, my guess is tired eyes at times as there are points every couple weeks or so I will be awake for 48+ hours when I fall behind on work, also my nutrition is poor as i wont take the time to go shopping during the bouts. If I was a believer it would be pretty concerning I imagine I see them at least every month so its pretty re occurring and not too rare.
"When you think all is forsaken,
Listen to me now
You need never feel broken again
Sometimes darkness can show you the light
" ~Disturbed
The former owner of my house died in the back room. sometimes I think I glimpse someone walking. Nothing sinister. Just there. Makes sense. The family lived here for 60 years.

And you should meet my sister.
I bid NO Trump!
This thing found in Panama in 2009... I believe that it was a sloth, but people still unsure till nowadays.
[Image: 1c4cd7d12200c4f7721192e92226cc08.jpg]
I've never seen a paranormal creature.
But there was this one time when I had a cold that freaked me out quite a bit Tongue
I was laying in bed, in the dark, scrathing the back of my head. I didn't have nails pretty much back then.
At one point I suddenly felt something that felt like claws scratching me instead. I stopped scratching and got out of bed.
For a long time after that I slept with my head on the other side of the bed, away from the wall.
Now I sleep on the wall side again, because I used to get so dizzy from sleeping near the window. Maybe my head became too cold during the night. I got my window open pretty much all the time.
I also used to cover my head as much as possible with the duvet Tongue Like hoping whatever that claw sensation was wouldn't be able to scratch again. Though I bet if it was some demon, it would be able to scratch me at whatever time it likes.
It was probably just my imagination though. Still creeps me out at times.
The Loch Ness monster, the UKs most famous monster!
An eye for an eye
Just the family.

[Image: o-GARGOYLES-facebook.jpg]

Bigfoot and the yeti!
An eye for an eye

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