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Hi guys!

I just stumbled upon this forum and was hoping to make some new friends Smile

Hope everyone is ready for the holidays... I know I finally am. Drop me a message if you wanna say hi or know more about me.

Also, I own a gay dating site called yum24 and it has some pretty neat stuff on it .. so if your interested, refer to my profile for the website.

Hey Passionboy! Welcome to the forum!

Glad to hear that you're ready for the holidays, I am too, I love Christmas.
It's cool that you own a dating site, not that I'm into online dating but it'd be cool to own a dating site.

Hope you enjoy it here!
"Ta-ta for now", I never knew about that one.
Hello and welcome passionboy!
Welcome! I'm new on here also!

I had a look at your website but bit of an anti climax as it was just a couple of naughty pics with some dating site links underneath! Boring! :confused:
Hey Passionboy, welcome to the forums... Smile

*looks under your sleeve* you're not one of these advert bot guys are you? we've had a few marketers on here in the last few months...

cynical Sil would like to welcome you and say howdy, lot of nice people and threads on here when u wanna chip in ^_^
Hey Passionboy, I'm Cutieboy! I hope you enjoy the forum and you read & post as much as possible.
Your name reminds me the yummy passion fruit, are you as sweet as this one :confused:
erm hai, are you real?

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