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Hello! How are you my friends?

I know I haven't been in contact with anyone on GS for a while, but that is because someone with a brain as poorly functioning as it is infected with psychic diseases like my ex-boyfriend's is waging an inevitably short-lasting pitiful war against me. As he is out of the hospital, he has no resources nor his manipulative behavior gives him enough smartness to let him know when exactly I will hit him back, smoothly, suddenly. I mean the cops, of course.

So while I am applying for an asylum so I can stay in France because of how much dangerous it was for me as a gay teenager in Beirut City, I have no phone applications for the moment. It took my ex-boyfriend one more man and a physical strength only to find out that my phone was automatically deactivated and completely out of service. I really enjoy knowing he is deeply disturbed and annoyed even if I don't see him directly.

I laugh whenever I even think about him, despite all the good I've done to him. But well, I can't get hurt emotionally, and I have no time for a nervous breakdown or a depression. I have all the insurance he is slowly destroying himself even though I see photos of him having a normal life. He isn't. He has no money, no education, nowhere to go.

Still, my stability as a non-French student is compromised. I need a stable income, and all leverage to put this psychopath away so I can be out of danger as soon as possible. A lawyer will be found for me as well as a jurist. I am working on finding an editor for my yet unfinished book, but that might be postponed for my college courses are more important. Just pray the asylum responds positive. There is no strength on Earth that will let me go back to where I spent the darkest days of my life.

Oh and, here comes the end of the summer for us western Europeans. Don't worry I will enjoy it, undercover as well as without clothes Wink
Hey, end of summer is always nice. Mostly cause there will be no more summer until next summer. And that is just all sorts of good.

Ok then, yes, police on that guy sounds just fine. It would do you good to stop focusing too much on him and worry about your situation alone, do let us know how it works out. You really need to finish those studies at some point, that'll make things a wee bit easier.

Up and head, Bluey.
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It's unfortunate when relationships end that way. I wish you the very best of luck with your asylum application and do as Insertnamehere says; don't dwell too much on your ex. There are moe important things in your life.
"You can be young without money but you can't be old without money"
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Aha, mystery solved. I hope you can get a new phone with a new number to make it easy to have your new life as a single guy on his way to being granted asylum.

(And then when you get that phone you better PM me!)

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