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Pictured Qoutes.
Me My best friend brought this to my attention and she showed me something on tumblr. People had these pictures with writing on them. Such as 'Spending hours on tumblr.' And having their link down the bottom. I got bored and decided to give it a try Smile

I wanted to go for something meaningful, something different.

[Image: tumblr_mbksouVj2X1rcec8co1_500.png]

Have you guys ever done anything similar to this?
What - sprayed black nail polish in someone's eyes? :eek:

Not recently. :biggrin:
Still wondering what I'll be when I grow up.
Hahah Oops. I see what I did in this post. No wonder it got no hits Tongue

I mean have you guys ever done any pictures like this? Smile

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