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Just wanted to see who had piercings, how many, and where... Im not sure if its a PG site or not, so if its in a not so "PG" place, just put other. Ill start off then, I have three, two on one eat, on the top and bottom, and my toung. Whos next?
i dont have any piercings but i would like to see who is going to say they have piercings in 'other' places Icon16

Oh as for the PG , as long the language we use is sensible its cool Wink

Time spent being less than happy is time waistedWavey



No piercings, but one tattoo on my right arm... tiger.

I just don't like piercings, don't think they'd suit me.
I see many of my friends that have piercings always suffering of pain and bleeding and always worrying about them, it seems as if they were self-punishing only to be 'cool'
makes me angry:redface: i speak like a dull elderly
I understand that feeling. I never got my piercings to be "cool" I wanted my toung pierced since I was 13. Makes a nice conversation piece... My mom asked me why I got it pierced and I told her (Mind you I was JOKING. ) " I can charge 10$ more the hour." HAHAHAHAHAHA She didnt think it was funny, but I was laughing so hard the whole way back home... :biggrin: Astrosmiley2 I have a odd sence of humor.... The top part of my ear I pierced as a present to myself for loosing 30 pounds... Im not the kind of person to try and fit in and get speacial clothes, or piercings or so on... Ill have to take them out anyway once I get my dream job... (prays...)
I have my left nipple & belly button done. Used to have a lot more...nose, lip, upper ear and lower ears, eyebrow but as I grew up the novelty grew off!
I used to have my tongue pierced, but I had to take it out due to me having a low immune system. Damn those bodied that can't with stand time it's self. I loved my tongue ring... I played with it all the time. Now I want to get my lower lips pierced and the inside of my ear... Don't know what you call that little piece that sticks out.
I know what you mean about the toung wing.. The doc. told me thats the reason my appenix burst.. Never knew one had anything to do with the other... Ohwell.. its out.. I jsut hope nothing elce bursts haha
I have my tongue and belly button pierced, and seven piercings in my ears I put there myself when I was a teenager (since Mom wouldn't sign the consent form for me to have it done, lol). I might get a nostril pierced, not sure yet. It's like potato chips, you always want one more!
LOL.. love the potato chip bit.. really funny!

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