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what do you guys think about piercings on other guys? personally i like some piercings, ear lobes, cartilage.
i like them as long as they aren't gauged, to many, etc. they have to be in good taste. not to many, and not to few. the only piercing that i have is my tongue.
Ear piercings are fine with me. I prefer best the little ones, like stubs. Not really a big fan of piercings on the nipples or lower extremities on anyone though.
cant even imagine piercing the lower extremities....
imagine if that piercing ripped while u guys were doing the dirty, that'd be one hell of a story
or pierce your boyfriend on the inside.........:eek: you would be locked together like 2 dogs:eek:
Minimal piercings. Ear is fine, beyond that it seems a bit extreme to me. I don't date people based on how hard it is for them to pass through airport security I date personalities..... :tongue:
ive been thinking of getting another/couple more. ideas? i was thinking of 14ga to start in both ears? or a hoop in my lower lip?
A hoop? Surely you aren't serious. Why not go for a square or a rhomboid?
It depends on the guy. On some guys they are extremely sexy, on others... not so much.

But I've had my clavicle pierced before. I'ma rebel. Wink
And an ex of mine had 5/8 gauges and he wore them pretty nicely.(:

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