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Pillow Thief’s
Okay it's Dec.27/2010 7:28am an this actually just happened about 10 minutes ago.

So sometimes I don't fell like walking up two flights of stairs to go to bed, so i just unfold the futon an sleep in the basement. So I'm sleeping away having this really strange dream, in this dream me an my brother are fishing an these big half shark half carp fish things keep sliding on to the shore, and a one point I look into the water an see these pigs just walking along the bottom of the lake.

That ain’t the weird part we’ve all had weird ass strange dreams before nothing special right, right but I wake up from this strange ass dream an realize I don’t have my pillows. An that happens right, your sleeping a moving around sometimes the pillows slide off the bed or end up some where else on the bed. So I’m feeling around in the dark trying to find my pillows and I can’t seem to find them, but I find the TV remote so I turn on the TV for light.

Now let me kind of explain how the basement is set up, there is a I’ll say 7” by & 7” foot rug down, the futon goes down the length of the rug, an there’s a small couch along the width end of the rug.

Anyway back to the story.

I wake up turning on the TV for light cause I can’t find my pillows, I look in front of me and see my pillows on the small couch, an the pillows are set up perfectly and I mean perfectly on each end of the couch. Like at some point in the night I got up an put one pillow on each arm rest of the couch, than got back under the blankets an went back to sleep.


Now this is the second strange experience I have had sleeping down there. A few month ago I was sleeping down there on the futon again. An for some reason I spring out of bed yell Son of a Bitch!!!! An run across the room like I was chasing something. I got about two or steps before I gained my full conciseness back, I ended up on the other side of the room thinking What the Fuck was that.
I had a dream where I was eating a giant marsh-mallow. In the morning the pillow was gone. ;o)

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
sounds like some one is trying to get your attention.

I for one believe there are spirits walking about as it is only in your basement you may want to check the history of your home and the land it sets on. sweet dreams
Hey, make way for mr.boring logic... Rolleyes

I'm guessing you'll have been sleepwalking and just naturally put them there thinking they're cushions while in your dream you'll be doing something completely different. I think it's like a confused functionality of the brain when you're sleepwalking.

As a kid on holiday in a hotel I walked out of my room, through a lot of hallways, into a strangers room and fell asleep on their empty bed; they found me and took me back to my parents. I had no memory of any of this until I woke up the next day and my parents told me about it. Funny thing is I can still remember the corridors and the look of the place; brains are funny but awesome things.

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