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Playful flirting
I have a number of stories where I playfully flirted with guys, just for fun. Do you have any flirt stories??
[SIZE="3"]Have A GREAT Day!!!

Today I went to the hardware store where two young guys work. They both are what I like to call 2x4s because they are long and thin. I swear their bodies measure maybe 15" wide by 6" thick. They are both college guys, so it isn't a creepy pedo thing.

Both are well over 6' tall, as is another employee, prompting me to ask if they had a minimum height requirement. They replied that they were forming a company basketball team. An older gentleman who works there is also a retired police chief. He joined into the banter, teasing the guys. I told him that if he was going to harass them, he had to go through me. He scoffed and made fun of my weight. I replied "remember all of those times you wrestled me to the ground and put me in handcuffs? He replied, "That never happened". I said "That's right, and it never will, you had better remember that the next time you challenge a guy my size." We laughed and when he left to do something I said to the young guys "that would have a totally different meaning if people didn't know he was a police officer, but he is too old for me". One young guy responded, "age is just a number" as I left. I just smiled.

Damn, those young guys were so thin, I could hug both of them at once and still be able to scratch my balls.

Hey, I enjoyed it, and I am sure they had something to talk about after I left.
[SIZE="3"]Have A GREAT Day!!!

Not really.
I've only complimented a few guys lately.
There was one guy from the marine base in this city at work one time. He looks cute and wore his uniform.
So I just told him he looked pretty stylish in it. He said thanks.
I had to continue work, but I might've talked to him for a bit more if we both had time.

My gaydar isn't that good. Don't want to flirt with random guys, in case they'd beat me Tongue

Oh there was one cute guy at the bowling alley one Sunday.
I made eye contact with him a few times, and I'm pretty sure he noticed.
He was bowling with what was probably his nephew. It was so cute so had to look at them a few times.
Wanted to sit down in the couch that had its back agains their couch (couch against couch there).
And then chat with him a bit. Find out if he was together with the other guy who was there, or if that was his brother.
If I see him again, I will definitly talk to him. He was so cute xD
I was at a restaurant in NH, and it was very busy. A busboy approached after a while and asked if they had taken my drink order, I replied "no" and he took my order. He had a company shirt on, and I asked why there was a giraffe on the shirt. He stated it was an African theme. I replied that it wasn't an African themed restaurant. He then offered that perhaps the shirt was made from giraffe". I replied "no", to which he stated, "how do you know you didn't feel it" I replied, "I have a strict rule against petting restaurant staff". He later returned to speak with me some more. When he did, a waitress placed a tray of drinks behind him and began serving them across the aisle. I warned him about the drinks, instructing him to not back up. I said "Stay, Stay, Good Boy, Now Heel" He asked if he had earned a treat, to which I said "no". I did end up giving him a tip and commented to the owner about his excellent service (getting my drink). LOL
[SIZE="3"]Have A GREAT Day!!!

Well there was this one time when a super cute girl tried flirting with me and I didn't realise it until 4 years later.
Ibex Wrote:Not really.

My gaydar isn't that good. Don't want to flirt with random guys, in case they'd beat me Tongue

I can usually pick out the ones who will be receptive to some casual flirting. Sometimes it is a look, or in the case of the busboy, he was outright flirting with me first. He was pretty good at it for a high school sophomore. With the young guys, it is a case of being friendly and letting them know that they are not the only gay guys out there. I do NOT play in the sandbox, but I do like to say "hiiiiii" as I pass by. If I were actually flirting with intent, there would be NO questioning the intent, TRUST ME. After 36 years in the closet, I am not going to be misunderstood if I am in fact interested in someone.
[SIZE="3"]Have A GREAT Day!!!

TigerLover Wrote:Well there was this one time when a super cute girl tried flirting with me and I didn't realise it until 4 years later.

Dude, seriously?????? If someone flirts with me, I am always aware of it. If he is cute I respond accordingly, everyone else (as if this happens every day) is given a polite no thank you type reply.
[SIZE="3"]Have A GREAT Day!!!

I am sorry for placing this in the wrong category... I only saw "Other", without the upper categories. There are too many tiers in this forum. Sad
[SIZE="3"]Have A GREAT Day!!!

I sort of flirt with a pretty girl at home turf bowling alley.
Last year I told her I think she's the prettiest girl working there. She liked that.
Though I don't like her personality, just her body Tongue
Lately now that I've gotten more confident, I've really talked to her in a playful way. Say she's distracting because she's so pretty xD
I should stop though, just in case I'm leading her on. Though at times she doesn't look interested, and at times she does. Her mood is so damn up and down. At times she's so cheerful, other times she's so bitchy.
one man's playful flirting is anothers dirty dancing Smile

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