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Pleased to Meet You!
Ivorybenz, I agree she is incredible. I am so thankful that even though she feels nothing for me as her husband, we have built a phenomenal friendship that is selfless and affirming. When we admitted to one another (and ourselves) what our relationship turned in to, so much pressure was taken off of both of us. Anyways, this could get into a very long reply so I'm going to cut myself off here and save the rest for a different thread.
Shannon Wrote:Thanks Marky! After the military I plan to go to graduate school in the behavioral health field. As for the shoes, I'm super jealous that women get so many options for self-expression! I don't crossdress, I just really appreciate the fantastic color and style options that women have.

Thanks again for welcoming me and the conversation!

Haha there is a lot of choice - but some of the heels BLEURGH god only knows how they manage to walk in them! Haha :p There is a lot of expression though true Smile

No problem - i'll look forward to seeing you around.
[COLOR="Purple"]As I grow to understand less and less,
I learn to love it more and more.
H i and welcome to gs Smile
Welcome to GS!
You are interesting and I'm absolutely sure you have to tell us some amazing stories.
Marky, I don't see how they can stand to wear them either...heels remind me of cultures that bind girls' feet in order to make them smaller. But damn they look good!

Thanks for the welcome Wolfpack and ddd. I'm not sure how exciting my life has been but I'm excited to see where it's going!
Hi Shannon...welcome! I wish you much success on the journey ahead
Thanks East!
Hi Shannon, welcome along Welcome
Thanks Bookworm; I love your avatar by the way.

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