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Police bias, thought I would share this
2 gays: We were jailed in Ohio without our pants

[Image: ap_logo_106.png]By THOMAS J. SHEERAN | Associated Press – 21 hrs ago
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CLEVELAND (AP) — Two gay men who say they were punched and pinned to the ground by an off-duty police officer before being called offensive names and jailed without their trousers have sued the city and its police over what they call anti-gay bias.
Steven Ondo and Jonathan Simcox said the off-duty officer, who was a neighbor, complained about a noisy argument on the street and attacked them last April and had them arrested. A week later, they said, they were arrested by SWAT officers and were punched again at their home while lounging in T-shirts and underpants. They said they were denied a chance to get their pants and weren't provided with any in jail for a day.
The men were charged with assaulting the officer but were acquitted Oct. 20 in a non-jury trial.
Ondo, 22, and Simcox, 25, filed the U.S. District Court lawsuit against the city and its police last month and asked for unspecified damages. They said their goal was to deter biased treatment by police.
During the second arrest, the lawsuit says, the officers repeatedly referred to Ondo and Simcox as "faggots" and said "faggots don't get to wear pants to jail" when they were transported to the city lockup. Simcox's brother was at the house and asked if he could get the pants for them, but police refused, although he was allowed to get their shoes, the lawsuit says.
Police usually allow cooperative arrested people to retrieve their clothing.
A top city official said Friday the city wouldn't discuss details of the litigation.
"The city of Cleveland is aware that the lawsuit has been filed and will appropriately address this legal matter in court," interim Law Director Barbara Langhenry said in an email.
Ondo and Simcox could not be reached Friday. No phone was listed for Ondo in court records, and a phone number for Simcox provided by his attorney wasn't accepting calls.
Attorney Dan Chaplin, who represented Ondo in the criminal case, said each man weighs about 120 to 130 pounds and they were tossed around like rag dolls by their 225-pound neighbor.
About a week later, he said, a SWAT team calling them "fags" and "queer" arrested them at their home at about 5:30 a.m. on a warrant accusing them of assaulting a police officer. The team then put them in a police van and drove around for a couple of hours making other arrests, he said.
"They were humiliated and embarrassed. They were shackled to strangers while they were in their underwear and they couldn't leave," Chaplin said. "And the other guys that were arrested were allowed to get clothes on."
At the jail, he said, police mocked them, telling them "fags don't deserve to wear pants" and asked them questions about their sex lives.
"It was just real old-fashioned gay bashing by the Cleveland police department," he said.
Cleveland police and the city's Office of Professional Standards said no complaint had been filed in the case, mayoral spokeswoman Andrea Taylor said.
Associated Press writer JoAnne Viviano in Columbus contributed to this report.
[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRz-Six7p24KDjrx1F_V...A&usqp=CAU]
I have a love/hate relation with law enforcement. I know a few good cops but one of them told me one day never trust a police officer because they lie. Then I see stories of stupidity and abuse and It gets harder for me to remember that some of them are good people. I can say that the police can be our best friend or worst enemy and many still don't like us.
lets be honest here - im sure nobody is exactly shocked by this .... it is shocking what happened to those poor guys though but i very much doubt the police will face any charges what so ever - the men may get compensation but thats basically to shut them up !! when ur the law and u get to carry weapons then anyone is fair game to them as nobody is goin to stop them - even video footage of police brutality doesnt get them convicted of any crime against the public these days
I hope they win the lawsuit because this is un acceptabole... I know in the UK the officers would be seriously dealt with lost jobs and ontop of that they would then be ordered to pay massive court costs and compensation
So who here has a man in uniform fetish?Biggrinflip

The local Denver Colorado police get into a lot of trouble too. Court fees cost citizens millions. Makes you wonder what their management looks like.

I have taken the police on myself on MANY occasions...I get in their face when they disrespect me or give me or any of my customers any shit because we are gay. I have had to remind them that they work for me as I pay taxes and they are public servants and I have also demanded their badge numbers and called the Chief of an apology as well on two of the occasions and there were many.

The back story...the absolute WORST thing you can do to me as an individual is to try to intimate or bully me. I will kick you ass...I kicked the bullies ass in HS and I found out there is something much worse than being gay in is being a big jock and having your ass kicked by a gay man.Laugh...

I often tell people I don't bark but I DO bite...meaning...I will take alot of shit and let it roll off my back but if you cross that line and try to bully me...I become enraged. I have to bite my tongue it the threads about bullies because my advice is to kick their ass...bullies are cowards...the worst kind of cowards. They back down FAST...I know of what I speak.

I remember when I was a kid and someone would threaten to tell on me for something...I would tell on myself and then make them pay for even thinking about trying to intimidate me.

So cops bring out the worst in me....especially cops like the ones in the story above.

fire them

what stupid stupid jerks and they admitted it
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Those poor guys , how humiliating.

I have to fess up here , I hate the police.
While my friends were being bashed , and killed by haters , they did not lift a finger to help.

Why ? Because they were gay and in their eyes , not part of the population that they swore to protect.
I guess the taxes of the gay population , does not make it into their paychecks.

Scum of the earth, not fit to wear that uniform.

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