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Promoting human rights as a way to curb the spread of AIDS
This interesting page from ThinkProgress tells an unusual story about how the promotion of human rights is the way to curbing the spread of AIDS (and probably other things too)
Very interesting .
I had a look at the PDF link and was disturbed by the many parts of Africa still have the death sentence as punishment for being gay.

Scary stuff.

Thank you for sharing it PA.
you're welcome, mum, any time I find some interesting info, I like to share it....
I knew the africans punish by death for being gay because i watched a documentary by greg james i think it is from radio one or whatever one is gay there and went to african and was like im gay so does that mean u hate me? Then had to run for his life as they sent in people to capotuire him
sad how the hiv haunts homophobes.
balck men in america have a high level of infection

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