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Queens & Cowboys - A Straight Year on the Gay Rodeo
Matt Livadary, a straight city boy, always wanted to be a cowboy, and goes out to try to find the All American Cowboy. His journey's path crosses with the IGRA - International Gay Rodeo Association.

He decided to film his time with them, and he decided to attempt bull riding, and the cowboys & cowgirls of the IGRA decided to help him reach that goal.

Before watching the trailer, please note that the trailer is on a site where Matt Livadary is trying to raise money for the release of the film. I am not assoicated with this movie, I don't know Matt personally, and I am not suggesting that anyone donate to his cause. He's very close to his goal, and needs $1,140.00 by tomorrow.

I'm simply posting this because I think the trailer is great, and thought that maybe you all here would like to know about it.

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