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Question about this site?

At the bottom right of this site is a list that says "Who's Online" with a number. For a while, I've had a number there.

However, this past weekned, I cleaned up my disc space, and defraged my computer. Now, when I look at that list, it always says "0" there and the list of names is blank.

Can anyone tell me what I can do to fix this? Would the defrag cause that?

Thanks for any help!
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Nah I just think its glitchy, sometimes if its behaving you can chat to people on an occasion. I think it will get repaired eventually lol Confusedmile:
there are about 11 people online at the moment btw
it still says I have "0" people online. LOL

Oh one wants to talke to me! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! LOL
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What browser are you using?
I wanted to talk to you CD!! :frown:

I was using IE and when I hit my 50th post, I got a couple messages from people. However, nobody could see my chats. The chat messages I received were actually a week old, but I couldn't see them yet until last night. I DL'd Firefox, and still nobody can see my chat messages.

Can anyone use chat?
OrphanPip Wrote:What browser are you using?

I'm using Internet Explorer. I had no issues last week, and then over the weekend I did a disc clean-up and a defrag, and that's when the issue happened, but only with this site.
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It used to work fine and then a few months ago the connection disappeared and it just stated zero each time I log on. I use Opera, Firefox and IE and it generally reads the same on all browsers. The only time the number has changed has been when someone who had a connection started to chat to me. These days I just go into the chat room and open a private chat window.
Have you tried clearing all your cookies and seeing if that helps?
Yes, and it hasn't.

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