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Quiz Show
Well seeing as this section was empty... thought I'd put in an contestant search for a Pilot of an upcoming quiz show... Not long to get any potential entries in!!

I use the ukgameshows site to look for things like this... it got me onto 2 quiz shows myself so far!! (People Versus in 2001 and Brainteaser in 2002).

Only Connect

From Presentable, the makers of Late Night Poker, an intelligent new quiz show for BBC 4 presented by Victoria Coren.
We are looking for teams of 3 people to take part in a pilot show to be recorded at the end of January in Cardiff.
You'll have excellent general knowledge, an appetite for thinking laterally and a keen eye for spotting connections.
If you are interested in taking part and are over 18 years old, please e-mail: [email protected]
Closing date: Friday, 11th January 2008
Show type: Pilot
Interview expenses paid: No
Show expenses paid: Yes
Bad luck nobody replied... Sad

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