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Random Thought
red06sc Wrote:dont even know where that is :confused:

Bulgaria is a Eastern European country just south of Romania and east of Italy.

I would love to visit this part of Europe, so much history.

EDIT : But the greatest attraction to Bulgaria is of course the chance to sip a cuppa tea and have a chat with Ryan Wink
dfiant Wrote:Bulgaria is a Eastern European country just south of Romania and east of Italy.

And exactly above of the north,east part of greece Wink (you forgot so i had to add it Tongue )
humm wow, that would be amazing to go see.
Trying to figure out on how to expand and shape my future career. Do I want to continue and stay with the company that I'm working with right now for another few years? Should I give Parsons School of Design a shot? Should I rejoin a designing firm again? Should I build my own design firm? Or do I prefer to go back to school and study fashion? Or would I prefer to open a small shop selling crafts and designer's furniture? Or do I want to fulfill my fantasy of opening a candy, cake and toy shop?

How can I be financially successful as Warren Buffet, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs?

Do I want to chase a high profile life or live a low profile life but with a comfortable income?

I think too much and worry too much right now. Oi.
If you have a college degree you can easily get a contract to teach in Japan (or another Asian country) for a year. And Tokyo's got an amazing gay district.
I've always wanted to go to Japan. I'll be visiting a friend in England next year and I'm thinking of doing some volunteer work in the hopes of getting some good travel on the side.
i want one of my mates to travel but they dont have the money which is not their fault but its such a shame ..i see places on the descovery channel etc n think wow,, i want to be there so much - i want to see the nothern lights from a cruise shift so much
I love the idea. In fact, I keep telling my bf how fun it would be travelling around the world but he thinks saving money and buying a house is more important. I mean I agree with him and all but still I wanna do it, maybe one day ^^

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