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Random poem of silly randomness (hope this makes some of you laugh XD)
[SIZE="5"][COLOR="Purple"] Like the buzzing of the bees,
High in the tops of trees,
Flying by in the sky,
A bird puts on a play[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE="5"][COLOR="DarkRed"] Down below on the grassy glades,
Two Samurai clash, blade to blade,
Brothers training in the sun, as a Bird puts on a play [/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE="5"][COLOR="Pink"] And then on the mountain snow,
A hermit sits, watching the show,
Singing for the bird giving a show,
And wondering if the Samurai brothers that bird does know[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE="6"][COLOR="Yellow"] This poem has no point,
Except maybe to make you laugh,
And to give me something to do. [/COLOR][/SIZE]
Because a good laugh can brighten most people's day
=_= I put this in the wrong place
is there a way to move it?
^just send Andy a pm.

You are freakin' cute as hell. I want to hug you.
(I may smack your in ass the process)

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