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Rappers who don't curse
And have a positive message.

Any recommendations?
Will Smith? Sugar Hill Gang?:biggrin: sorry but most of the rap/hip-hop i listen to use the N-word at least 3 times per stanza, so I'm afraid i can't help you out there:biggrin:
Cursing is one of the least offensive aspects of rapping.

Musically, there are almost too many great musical contributions from African roots to count, excluding rap. It's a shame rap has taken center stage. I'm glad that rap has offered some the chance to rise from poverty, but it is terrible music.

Asking for respectful rap is kind of like asking for ACLU members who attend the NRA's national convention.
Neneh Cherry...talking about AIDS


Salt -n-Pepa

MC Hammer

I used to quite like this guy called 'Eppic', he was a youtuber but no idea if he still uploads new music
East Wrote:
can't believe i forgot about this little gem, thanks for sharing
I doubt you'll find a decent rapper that doesn't curse but you can look for what is called "conscious hip hop" music if your looking for something positive. some artists are common, mos def, logic, kendrick lamar, lupe fiasco and talib kweli. some older conscious hip hop artists are krs-one, a tribe called quest and public enemy.
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