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Our lovely, thoughtful, caring, down to earth PM Mr Cameron (smell the sarcasm) has hinted twice now that we will finally be given a referendum on EU membership.

About time to.
The way the previous government has all but destroyed our clout at the world table, and diluted our national identity, this can not come quick enough.

The only people interested in staying in the EU are the greedy fat cats, and the luvies.
Thank god they are the minority!
will gladly trade our president for your PM. seems like his support for
Gay Rights is only election year vote hunting. ok, so the alternative isn't
terribly attractive either.

hugz and oppressed smoochies

To be honest Hue, I think all politicians in any western country no matter what the language, are all the same!

I had high hopes for David Cameron, but it seems hes very similar to Blair in the way he weasels his way out of every promise he made at the General Election.
Mind you he did promise a yes/no referendum on EU membership... and he has now promised the same... AFTER the next Election of course.

But I really cant see that idiot Miliband getting a vote, I have never in my life seen any less likely looking PM as him!

I think its quite similar with Obama/romney.

Obama knows how to get the votes, Romney is an idiot!
Politics is a no for me but I'd vote to leave the EU. They just make up as they go along and it is mostly bo......s
Put my down for "luvie" i guess. Whatever that means.
writerken Wrote:Politics is a no for me but I'd vote to leave the EU. They just make up as they go along and it is mostly bo......s

Not only that... they are trying to ban mushy pea's and battenburg cake.... blimmin nazi's!!

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