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Relationship help
The boy I really like (I would try to knock over Channing Tatum for him) is single! He just got out of a relationship (he's gay) and I've liked him for much longer than any of the other boys I've told you about. I really want to ask him out, but what do I do? Should I give him time or just ask him out?
Gay is happiness
Tell him you want to be on his waiting list and ask if you can be a friend in the meantime. Wavey
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart
Give him time, if he enters another relationship too soon he may not really be over what happened in the last one.
What CCRox said..............

Good luck.........

Cat and take care...........
if he is not over it insist a no strings relationship you know friends (maybe+) or over night, just a movie
he might want to get back with his Xbf
I would not advise you to become his transition date.
Be there for him , establish a good foundation of friendship.

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