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I wanted to ask sth,
Doesn't it happen to you, from time to time, that although you are assumed gay, you feel sad about it, a sort of remorse?
I'm happy with being gay, but sometimes i feel like that, unable to have a 'normal straight life', have girlfriends as my friends, or as my parents would wish... :S Dunno if it happens to you also, maybe it's just sth you feel when you're coming out as me...
It happens yes... especially when you recently come out could feel a little sad , unsure and worried about things, life, and how people will react. The best way to deal with doubts is to relax and give it some time.

If you feel you disappointing your parents you will see and them that you actually dont, worse disappointment's would come if you kept repressing feelings. You can have a normal life as a gay man, if it was for 50 years ago couldnt say the same... but now you can.:tongue:
thanks Wink :biggrin:
well all i wud suggest ya if u ever feel that way again then just hit the nearest bar!

oops sorry ur underage...

well then hit the nearest cute guy! hehe

and stop feeling sad! if u had accepted it then why care about what others have to say to u. Dont think too much and have fun!
U can leave all the thinkin later when ur close to hittin 30! Hopefully by then ur gonna be more stable and secure emotionally! hehe Goodluck!
feelmychampagne Wrote:why care about what others have to say to u

not exactly about that, it's just a feeling that lasts no more than a day, it depends on me! hehe

2008 is my year, guys
start uni, tons of new friends, saygoodbye to this crap of highschool that's sort of a jail
need freedom!!!
Oh absolutely - there were times when I was growing up that I cried myself to sleep at night just wishing I could be "normal" (and I use the word in inverted commas because it's really quite a subjective concept).

I think the worst times were definitely before I started coming out, and when I was at your age or just a TINY bit older, as most of my mates (all of whom were straight) had girlfriends, and consequently less time for me, and so whilst I was totally cool with that as it's only natural when all is said and done, it did kinda hurt because I just couldn't see a way of getting through the obstacles that I perceived as laying before me ...

I was at an all boys school too, so the risk of being beaten up for coming out was (I thought) really quite high ...

But now, a few years later, I'm happier than I've been in a LONG time. Got the love of a good man, fantastic mates including two straight male best mates (who I love more than life itself), and you guys to keep me company in cyberspace ...

What more could a growing boy ask for !?!?!



!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

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