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Rihanna or Chris Brown?
I've been a Chris Brown fan since he first came out on the scene. I really enjoy Rihanna's music as well. Once the whole domestic violence thing happened, I did side with Rihanna, at first. Then, I realized how she used that whole drama to her advantage, and her career took off! That rubbed me the wrong way. Chris Brown's career...well, I don't even have to say what happened to his. Although, he's managed to have a few of his recent songs on the charts, I don't think he'll ever regain the fame and admiration he once had. It's so sad because he's so talented, and SOOO damn tasty! mmm.... Chris, you can beat me up any day of the week, BabyboiWink2

Anyways, give him a break people, he made a mistake, was sorry, learned from it, and has moved on. Why can't the rest of the world? I know domestic violence is very wrong, and I don't approve of it in any way, but shit happens in the heat of the moment, during an argument, we're all human!

So the question is... whose side are you on, and why?

I'm on team Breezy!
Oh ya, and if you don't care about neither of them then DON'T RESPOND! Your input holds no value to my question, if you don't care for them![/COLOR]
I think Rihanna also has moved on from that scene. She left the gritty dark 'Rated R' for a more cheery 'Loud'.

Quote:Then, I realized how she used that whole drama to her advantage, and her career took off!

I don't really follow the drama. But I know that she utilized that incident into her album, Rated R. From what I see, Rated R was her therapy medium.

Domestic violence towards women is not a game. A lot of women surrendered but Rihanna is one of the girls who fought back thus she was and still being seen as a good role model to a lot of women.

Regarding to her career exploding. Well I live at the other side of the world, specifically South East Asia. I can tell you that her career took off before that incident. Her name exploded due to Umbrella (Which annoys the hell out of me for years until last week).

Amusing thing is I have never been interested with Rihanna and Chris Bown since day 1 of their careers. I don't follow current Top 40 music anymore. But I have been listening a lot to Rihanna since last week thanks to that new single, "Only Girl (In The World)." Very good workout song.

I find Rihanna's music direction to be refreshing. It takes gut for a pop mainstream singer to sing something like Russian Roulette. I really thought that her career was over after she released Russian Roulette and Rated R as that album does not cater the mainstream. So yeah, I would say that she has guts.

As in Chris Brown, like I've said I have zero interest. If he truly has learned his lesson, good for him and I have no problem with that. But you need to remember that domestic violence is not a game . Thus a lot of people will be less forgiving. As a quote goes, "The damage has been done." It will take time to fix it.

Am I fan of Rihanna now? Nah. Granted that I love few of her songs now though. But the jury inside me hasn't decided that. We'll see in another few months or years. I would like to see how she expands her music career and direction as she seems to be a witty, smart and creative pop singer.
Neither. Can't stand 'em. In fact you won't me liking much newer music. I don't know. every so factory line sterile and packaged these days. but that's just me:frown:

i use to like chris brown ssexy.him is not sexy any more becase hit hi girlfrind rianna. i like rianna sos rudeboy sutup and drive.
I'm into neither, however if I had to pick one... I guess Chris Brown.
Cutieboy Wrote:I'm into neither, however if I had to pick one... I guess Chris Brown.

YAY! someone on my side, lol! thanks!
Haha, if it were a "who would you rather?" question, I'd go with Chris Brown. He's still hot.

Musically, I'm not a big fan of either of them. I'm also not so willing to forgive Chris Brown for beating the crap out of Rihanna.
both pretty anoy me now, though liked both when they first started ?___? I'd probablt have to go for chris aswell as I havent heard from him in a while makeing him less anoying Tongue tad harsh?
Dreamer Wrote:YAY! someone on my side, lol! thanks!

Yup, no prob. I have probably listened to a Chris Brown song at one point and I thought it was okay.
I've never been a huge fan of CB but then after he socked RiRi in the face it pretty much cemented the deal. I'm glad she's stayed huge and he's kinda faded.

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