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Robert Wong - Fake Agent
[Image: 13528877_10154336462256789_4020876614824900649_n.jpg]I wanted to warn you guys about this homosexual predator named Robert Wong. Robert Wong is a nasty dramatic queen from Los Angeles who claims having worked as an executive with Los Angeles Fashion week LAFW, Wilhelmina models, as well as Viacom Sony corp etc. He has some position as a chief global strategist for some company but likes to pretend he saved Tiff in Toronto and has a lot of power Withington the realm of studios in Los Angeles but he has nothing. Robert is a sleazy queen promising young guys the world but instead tries to hook up and sleep with them even though he is in a relationship. His boyfriend James might also be involved in his games. Robert is full of lies. He is also nosey and a trouble maker. Be aware, this guy is bad news and will lie just about anything for a hot piece of ass, will Promise you a role on a TV show or something fashion Or television related. He also says he has connections in high places and is familiar with studios. He tries to take Control Of people's lives promising the world. Be aware he is only out there to f*ck your life up until you are left with nothing. This guy is a grimy Low Life with absolutely no contacts or connections and possibly involved in some sort of underground prostitution ring. He says he looks 12 years old because he's Asian but clearly the wrinkles on his face say otherwise. Stay away from Robert Wong... he's just a Nasty dirty scuzzy queen!

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