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Romney in free fall in Gallup poll
and all i got to say is good by

Because Romney just keeps saying one blindingly dumb thing after another
I think it is largely due to the Republican Party not wanting to deal with the real issues and have their brand name more sullied by today's problems.

They elected him to run and he started out strong just in case the economy started real recovery, once they got him into office they could take credit for 'fixing' things. however with the latest economic figures and other issues such as Islam Spring in the Middle East, the embassy bombings, they (Republicans) are purposefully throwing the election.

I find it odd that someone managed to smuggle in a recording device to that dinner, I'm also more puzzled by how it managed to get leaked out. It smells of a 'set-up'.

Then look at the fare the offered up for this election... Honestly, other than Mr. Ron Paul I fail to see how the GOP actually believed any of their offerings would appease the US people....

2016, if things are better, expect a miracle politician to step up to the plate, one who will say all the right things and look-like a strong leader.

If things are not better, expect the GOP to run more idiots.
<---<< >>--->

[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
mostly Romney; the entertainment factor has been un usually high recently.
As a lifelong political junkie...I read Real Clear Politics every morning...and it isn't looking too good for Romney.

Just in case anyone is interested....

I think that Obama is only 5 electoral votes away from grabbing the win as of this morning because Ohio has gone into the Leans Obama Camp...Wisconsin and Michicgan were also recent aquisitions.

I suspect Obama will easily get another 4 of the remaining Swing States...maybe even 6 of them. I suspect he will get New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada and Virginia and I am also thinking maybe Florida (greater chance) and North Carolina (lesser chance). I think Colorado will go Romney.

Not good for Romney.

He will bomb in the debates against Obama.

I do have some other ideas about the results and Romney but I don't have the time to post right now
East Wrote:... I think Colorado will go Romney ...
Hopes Colorado would not be so Republican, the Democratic party is strong in Denver but outside in the suburbs and in Colorado Springs (2nd largest city) large GOP base.

maybe I should volunteer again, feel guilty

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