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Russia under Putin
Vladimir Putin is giving a speech in Moscow. He is praising his government for bringing economic prosperity to the nation of Russia. "In my government every citizen has a television set and an automobile to drive!" He says to thunderous applause. Once the applause subsides, a hand goes up near where Putin is and he notices. He calls out to the man whose hand is raised and says, "What is it that you wish to say, citizen?"

The man begins to speak to Putin and the crowd quiets down to hear him speak. He says, "Well Mr. President, about every citizen having a car and a television set. You see I don't have a car. I walked to the square today to hear you speak. And I certainly don't have a television set. Otherwise I'd have stayed home where it is warm and watch the speech from there."

Putin says to the man, "What is your name, citizen?" and the man replies, "I am Dimitri, Mr. President."

10 years later

Putin is giving a speech again in Moscow, and once again he is praising his governments efforts to bring economic prosperity to the nation. "Under my government every citizen has an automobile and a television set!" He says to thunderous applause. After the applause dies down, a hand goes up once again and Putin sees it and calls out to the man whose hand is raised up saying," Yes citizen, what is it?"

The man says to Putin, "Where's Dimitri?"
"You can be young without money but you can't be old without money"
Maggie the Cat from "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." by Tennessee Williams
Meh, he successfully returned Russia to something resembling the Soviet Union. That is what he wanted to do. Mission accomplished.
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