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SKA!!!! For all the rudies!
I love ska music, anyone else? I was completely addicted in my younger years and hardly gave anything else a chance. I love all of it, first wave up to third.... Peter Tosh to Catch 22. Anyone else?

I just want to go skank my brains out right now!!!!

-Der Jack
"Lately it occurs to me, what a long strange trip it's been"
in méxico theres an urban tribe called skatos they love skaof course. I likesome music i'll recomend you asonfron a spanishartist called bebe- el ska de la tierra

also there'sthis group called "la tremenda corte" (:
yepp i love it been to rebellion festival twice Big Grin
anything in Catch 22 that is better than expected?
listening to it now.
Pellaz, I'm not certain if you're asking for advice or what, per se, but of Catch 22 the best is definitely in Keasbey Nights.... Walking Away is a great song as well as Keasbey Nights itself, Super Nothing and a personal favorite of mine As the Footsteps Die out Forever.... Riding the Fourth Wave is also a great song, a completely instrumental piece starting out with a flute solo, then increasing in instrumentation and tempo... Smile
Reel Big Fish anyone, Hootie and the Blowfish? My buddy did a cover of Let her Cry first recording we did failed hard but the 3rd sounded good.
Any other good Ska bands?
Reel Big Fish is cool, never got into them that much myself, but they've definitely got some good stuff. I actually saw them live in Miwaukee once. Mustard Plug is one of my favorites since I was in Junior High, Michigan based ska... hehe :bigrin:

I'm a real big fan of the Specials and the Skatalites myself, the Slackers are another awesome Michigan band that's pretty well known and makes some awesome music.
Personal favorite is S.R. the live version shows their ability to play all musical styles. Im going to look up Mustard Plug now Smile

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