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Safe Sex Between Women & Herpes?!
This is a two part question.

1. What are some ways to have safer sex between women? I've only ever been with one person, my ex-husband. I let religious brainwashing keep me from being who I really am, but now that I'm single, I'm eager but really really nervous about it.

2. I've been getting cold sores (I guess) since I was a little kid. I guess I should get it looked at next time, but now I know it could be herpes? And I've always gotten zits or bumps (sometimes itchy, a few sore) on my bum. I thought everyone got those sometimes. Does that mean I have herpes down there too? Yeah, yeah, I know I need to get it checked out. But what does that MEAN? My ex never slept with anyone, and I had all that before I met him anyway. I'm a little freaked. I don't remember anything other than in my family you kissed each other on the lips for good bye or night. Nobody messed with me.

Sex between women can be safe sex, such as the use of a dental dam. Alice has more on the subject here:

As for 'is this herpes' - Hard to say.

There is childhood herpes which isn't exactly the same as genital herpes. I am uncertain if this can go on to adulthood or if this is just a childhood thing. Since this has been occurring since before sex (I assume), then it is most likely not the herpes transmitted via sex and may be something altogether different.

Do, by all means, do see a doctor and get him/her to run tests on the sores. This may be one of many dermatological ailments that may not be contagious. lists many ailments which have herpes like symptoms.
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Well the primary means of safe-sex for two women is the use of a dental dam for oral sex performed on either the vagina or anus. Also, when sex toys are used you can sheath them with a condom (and clean them thoroughly between uses) and use separate toys rather than sharing. Other than that there's not much more you can do besides knowing your partner's sexual history.

As to herpes, only a doctor could really tell you if you have that. Anyway, if you do have herpes you should still get it checked, you can treat the sores to prevent infections and reduce the length and severity of episodes. Also, drugs can reduce how contagious you are to your partner. Although, itchy bumps on your bum just sound like ordinary pimples, and not herpes sores, which are more inflamed and blister like. Moreover, genital herpes would usually appear on the labia for women.

Anyway, herpes really isn't that big a deal, it's just a little unsightly when you have an outbreak, but most of the time you would have no symptoms.
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