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Saudi Arabia outlaws atheism
Now, not only are Muslim apostates in Saudi Arabia tortured to death, but now all atheist lives are forfeit to prison:
What happened?
Islam is a blight on humanity that should offend every civilized person. For those who would defend this barbaric religion, I challenge you make the case for Islam as a moral, viable framework in the modern world.
One of the more stupid and intransigent of Islamic laws. so, are foreigners living in the country who are not Muslims punished for the fact?
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how pathetic.
This is horrible! To paraphrase Moses:

''Saudi Arabia! let my people go!!!''

As an atheist I am offended by this and don't get why Saudi Arabia has these stupid laws in place?!

this is why we should reduce our dependency on oil ASAP.

I can't say I am fond of Islam either - though Christianity has its bad side too.
ok people... don't go around condemning an entire religion based on the power exhorted by a few bigots. yes, Islam is a rough set of religious rules, but so is Christianity... if you think your God is better than theirs... just take a little look at Latin America or Central Africa...

I do believe religion is the opium of the people... thanks Mr. Marx!

However, we cannot lower ourselves to these people's level... we have to fight this battle in the civilised manner our predecessors did in their own time... fight it in classrooms, libraries and university halls! let us shape the minds of those that will come after us!
Chase Wrote:Now, not only are Muslim apostates in Saudi Arabia tortured to death, but now all atheist lives are forfeit to prison:

Saudi Arabia is possibly the most discriminatory non-genocidal (debatable, their executions of homosexuals could be considered genocide) country ever.
Thank God some one has decided to do something about those extremist atheists. The last thing the world needs is more Atheist Extremists terrorizing the hood with flying planes in buildings and blowing up shit like they own it or something.

And think of all those wars started by atheists over everyone not following the right god - or a god as the case may be. And all of that civil and military strife in the Middle east caused by those Atheists forcing people to follow their godless ways.

Thankfully Saudi Arabia is looking at the underlying cause of all these problems and enforcing a way of life that will save us all from those heathens.....

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