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Saving Money.......
Money is for spending on stuff. Money is stuff!

Ive got this hole in my pocket which means i follow this philosophy though maybe one day i’ll save
Many of you don't know the meaning of "paycheck to paycheck". After child support is done with my paychecks I take home $180 a week for a full time job. Rent is $400 a month plus I pay electric, gas, phone, and garbage collection. I only ever had the flip phone, we've been doing things like beans and rice and out of date produce for ages, I don't have cable, I leech off the neighbor's wifi, and I don't even own a car so I don't have a car payment or insurance payments. There's not exactly fat to be trimmed in this budget. Although, I imagine we're still living pretty well compared to some other parts of the world.

We have a scratch and dent food store here in town that sells all the stuff the other stores can't or won't sell. I've been getting potatos there for $.69 for a five pound bag. Dented cans, out of date frozen food, you name it. I bake my own bread and culture yogurt and buttermilk at home. My desk is made from plywood skid toppers given away for free where I work. All this and more, and I'm still not saving money, I'm just barely keeping us fed and keeping the lights on.
Live on the edge and enjoy:eating-birthday-cak:eating-birthday-cak

Remember that some day tomorrow will never come.
Also, buy cabbage. 49 cents a pound at my local store (it's on sale, usually 89 cents). So, cabbage and soynuts. Live off of that and you'll be good to go.
I use an app called Mint.

Using this app, I am able to create a budget that is updated in real time with every purchase. I can view my budget to see if I'm able to spend any more money in a given day. I was cautious about using such an app for a long while, preferring manual budgets, but I read various reviews about the service, and finally decided to try it.

It's very useful. For example, say I want something from a fast food place and am about to impulse buy... I can take out my phone and see: "Oh, I only have $2 left for fast food this month, best get nothing.".

I also convert useless junk to money on the local online auction regularly, and will take extra shifts when I can.

If I lived on my own, I would probably save up money for vet bills (in case anything went wrong), and also try breeding my dog, as a full litter could pay my tuition. Unfortunately, I cannot. Which is just as well, with my luck something would go wrong and I'd feel awful.

I've also found that helping people with homework (tutoring friends/family members) and demanding money is a good way to make money. Which I feel 0% guilt over, when I put in hours of my day to help them.

Offering to clean up after a slob who will literally pay money to not clean messes is also a good way to make extra money.

I'm constantly thinking of ways to save/make more money... and have been able to get a lot of 'big things' as a result Smile
nfisher1226 Wrote:Many of you don't know the meaning of "paycheck to paycheck". After child support is done with my paychecks I take home $180 a week for a full time job. Rent is $400 a month plus I pay electric, gas, phone, and garbage collection.

This is terrible. I thought that child support was scaled to income? For example, my mother receives child support for my brother... let's say my father makes $80k/year (fully possible), he pays a percentage of that that is updated based on his income..

Child support is a definite must, but that seems excessive.
I saved a lot of money when I was around 28 but spent most of it for surgeries and to hire a personal trainer. Then went back to square one. Then started saving again.

I notice that I spend less money as I grow older. I haven't purchased new clothes since 2019. This coming from a guy who was so into fashion and originally wanted to be a fashion designer. I also save money by cooking and not eating out. Also, reduce the amount of eating salmon. It makes a lot of difference to my wallet.

First thing that I do after receiving my salary is paying my credit card and other necessary bills. Then a small amount for my parents. Then 20% into my saving account. Then I use the remaining to buy food, gas etc. I spend a little for myself but not too much. Few days before receiving my next salary, I will transfer all remaining salary from the previous month that I did not use into my saving account. So normally, I would save around 30% every month.

Additionally, I do have a side and third job. Part time. Money from part time job goes straight into my saving account.

Things are getting too expensive in here so have to be wise in managing finance.

I paid my student loan few years after I finished my study. Worked in a small video production from Mon to Sat until 2am. Also did part time job editing wedding videos for wedding companies. Tough time but glad to be able to clear the loan.
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Gosh @Jay, I wish I was as disciplined as you! Haha
It's me again!!!!

Live a lifestyle that allows you to save a little money every month - and don't dip into the savings...

I have family members who have put money into 401K programs for years,, but they kept pulling their money out of it when they were short on cash... When they retired, they didn't have a penny saved and only had Social Security to live on during their senior years...

To be secure in "Old Age",, you need money!!!! not a lot of money,,, but enough so you don't have to go hungry or sleep on the street.

Always think about your Senior years while your young,, and aspire to live well.

We Have Elvis !!
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Saving money is good. Even better is appropriately investing that saved money according to your risk tolerance, so it works for you. The younger you are, the less funds you need to invest to reach a certain goal, because you have the power of your investments compounding over time.

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