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Saw V
Hi All,
Has anyone seen the new SAW film in the cinema yet??? I havent seen it and have no intention as i cant handle a horror mild or gorey... My boyfriend saw it online and said his overall review of the film was that despite it going over the past films they made it wasnt one he felt was the most successful.. Just wondering if others agreed or disagreed if you have seen it?

I watched snaps of this one and its not for the faint hearted but me being a big butch gay man i sat there and watched the swinging axe moment whilst eating my dinner and was determined that id not only spent hours cooking it BUT no film was putting me off it and i was gonna not hide my eyes

Kindest regards

zeon x
I'll pass onnit too after the second film they just became repetitive...there's so many better horror/gore flicks out there that the Saw films lost all appeal to me! Wink

I C they're making yet ANOTHER 1!!! is there no end to this...& 2 make matters worse, JIGSAW(the main DEAD) & YES i know it's been passed on2 some1 else.

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