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Semen - What's the deal?
I really do wish that I could reach that state of grace where the only thing on my mind is the importance of semen!Confusedmile:
Turns me on lol Smile
This my friend this is called empathy n.n Being able to feel as someone else dose. Like when the monkey saw the human open then nut the same brain waves went off in his brain as if he had just opened the nut. This is why we love the see guy on the net orgasm.
michaelson Wrote:Why do gay men care about semen? I'll admit, I love it, but why? It's "useful" only to induce pregnancy, yet many gays like watching cum shots in porn etc.

That's true! Haha! I love watching cumshots too! Looked at their facial expression! OMG! So hot and sexy!:tongue:
It must be that as men (not just gay men) we are wired to find that semen is the proof of a good time sexually speaking... and of orgasm (surely not a bad thing) and the fact that your equipment is in good working order. Confusedmile:
It could also be perceived as a sign of virility.
It is hot for me mostly because when I see them cum, I can imagine myself cumming and the feeling of how amazing it feels. Plus, the moaning of a man cumming helps too. Tongue

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