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Sending Nudes
I could have titled this differently but I knew the topic title as is would spark immediate interest, so I went for it. So before it's asked, sorry but no I'm not sending nudes to anybody here. Bummer!

I'm piggybacking off of a topic that just came up, yes, but that's because it made me consider something I've been thinking about for a while now. Why I want to/if I should send my partner naughty pictures. We live together and communicate through text messages throughout the day as he is at work (I work from home) and we'll sometimes "sext" through text messages, purely text though, no pictures. (People who have been here a little while probably remember my topic about that). We've never sent nudes to each other before ever, even when we were dating and lived hundreds (1500) miles apart. We sent a shirtless picture or two, or an image of one of us with a hard on (clothed) but nothing ever truly X rated. My thing is though lately (past few months) I've really wanted to.

I don't know if it's because I have a little bit of exhibitionist in me or if I'm trying to get hyper sexual with him but the feelings are there. We've never really discussed sending things like this to each other but we've never voiced being out right opposed to it either. I'm wondering if this is bold idea and I should go ahead with it or, if this is a bad idea and I should forget about it and be happy with the way things are.

To clarify something as well, neither one of us is the type to use these things against each other if the relationship sours. I know people say that (and not really mean it) but it's not our personality types to be vindictive/destructive to other people's lives. We've talked before about the possibility of our relationship ending (not saying it would, just to talk hypothetically) and we agreed we want each other to be happy, even if that means not with one another. I say all of this to say, I highly doubt he would go and post my pictures online if we broke up, just as I would never do that to him.
Well if it turns you both on and your not hurting anyone just do it lol. Totally healthy thing to do lol.

Not my cup of tea, I mean if I was going out with a guy I would be totally happy seeing them in person naked.

My kinky side though loves sending pics to older guys, not sure why but it turns me on lol.
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Lol my ex had this idea to send me a picture of his dick with a suggestive message. I was at work, I'm an EMT, and I was driving so I asked my partner to check the text. We were waiting for our supervisor to text us a revised schedule. Instead, my partner was treated to the sight of my ex's fully erect dick and a note suggesting what to do with it. I have NEVER lived it down! :redface:

What was your partners reply though lol?
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artyboy Wrote:Lmao

What was your partners reply though lol?

She looked at it and went, Whoa! Any chance he's bi?Baddevil
You might want to get [MENTION=13210]Beaux[/MENTION] input on this, as I know he had a post up at some point about something happening concerning pic sending or what not.

I've personally always subscribed to it being a very BAD idea, unless you want anyone and everyone to see the pictures. He might not show them, but shit happens. Phones get stolen, and hacked. People share. People snoop. People break up and become vindictive.

Just always seemed like a bad idea to me.
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Should I buy a smart phone?
I bid NO Trump!
Go for it!
Regardless of your feelings and promises now, I would still do it without my face showing. In case he gets hacked, accidently uploads it to facebook or needs to abuse you in the future.
But a simple dick pic can't hurt. Right?
Gay by nature. Proud by choice.
Honestly I have never felt comfortable sending nude pictures of myself to anyone. I have done it before, yes, but I just felt...icky about it. I think a lot of it has to do with how I feel about myself. Nothing is wrong with me, but I'm not your muscular type and too fat to be a twink and it seems to be what most guys want sexually.

There is a legitimate issue of nude pictures becoming an issue in some uncommon ways. Things you think that wouldn't be an issue today might become an issue years later. Could be at a job, a different partner, or political office. I mean even if you're on the school board or something. Things pop up and follow you.
Hm, seems like an even split here. I was reading one time on the subject, to Twist's point it brought up that the partner(s) might not be the problem it's what happens when/if the phone is ever lost of stolen. My partner spends most of his time alone with his work so he doesn't have much contact with people, his phone is extremely vital to his job so it's highly unlikely him to ever even set foot out of a room without it. But I do know accidents happen and sometimes phones fall off a belt clip (it's happened to me before, granted I usually notice it and the one time I didn't, my partner was right behind me) so the potential for losing a phone is still there. I've pretty much made up my mind to never show my face for that reason. If I did want to do pictures or videos, I would probably put that on a digital camera that is not connected to the internet and rarely leaves the house, or on a memory stick that gets locked away in the house somewhere. As far as other types of pictures through text? I'm still kind of on the fence.

Maybe it's an exhibitionist side to me I've never explored before or what have you, I don't have much of an explanation aside from that. As far as running for an office of some sort, that's extremely unlikely of me to want to do anything of the sort. Now job and or new partner, that's a little more cause for alarm. Of course if there's nothing truly personally identifying then it is a little difficult to tie it back to me.

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