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September is gone? ALREADY?
God. It has been a short year. So much has happened. It's been almost a year since my straight friend broke my heart and effectively snapped me like a twig. I have grown so much since then. I turned brass heart to steel and steel to titanium. It's crazy that I actually experianced this all. It's crazy that i managed to come out to two more people this year. It's crazy that I am being more open with my real self. I never thought these days would come. I'm finally becoming the guy I have always been in my thought. People are taking notice. I'm getting alot of compliments and overall everything is great. Love is a brutal thing. But it turns shadow hearts into blazing stars. Keep your fellows in mind and be a good person. We could all use a little more joy in our lives. I hope you're all enjoying your days!

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Hi Lewis

I'm in a rush so I'll make this short.

First of all, congrats for overcoming obstacles. You have grown up into a very independent and handsome young man. Stay true and positive to yourself. Don't let others affect you (Referring to your other thread about that lady). Some people can never be happy for other people.

Best wishes for your present and future ahead, Lewis!
You've done well mate, congratulations and you should be proud of yourself Bighug
ManicLewis21 Wrote:I turned brass heart to steel and steel to titanium.

I'm hoping you will soon meet that person who can melt your heart and make your days much more happier........
All the best......Confusedmile:
You should be proud of yourself and other people should also be proud for being around a kind hearted and considerate person.
I know it's been hard for you and I am going through a very emotional stage, But as long as we have each other to talk to then you will always be loved and accepted for who you.
I wish you all the very best for the future, And you will know in your heart when Mr right comes along.XConfusedmile:
Very impressive post and nice to hear your encouraging review. You are a very attractive man and I hope you won't get tied down for ANYTHING other than pure and genuine and mutual love. You've got time to develop vocationally and and socially and date and live a great life before getting sidetracked with ANYTHING less than all you deserve. Declare YOUR boundaries. Write them down for yourself. (share them with us, maybe????lol). And stick to them! *looking like you haven't already been on mark with this fatherly advice Smile *
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You've come a long way Lewis, I'm very happy to hear that you are happy and learning to love yourself more Confusedmile: You should be very proud of yourself, its not an easy thing to do.
The older you get the faster time speeds by. By the time you are in your 40's weeks are whipping by like days, months like weeks, and years like months.

It is because of everything that has happened this year that time is speeding up for you. The more time behind you and experiences to reflect upon, the less time you have to do nothing but watch the sweep of the second hand.

There are real accomplishments my friend, you really are 'growing' on the inside and it is good. Yes some of it hurt (growth pains) but in the end it is good.
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Your right manic,
September and this year has flown past however as we get older time does speed up or is it because we are more occupied than our younger years? I remember when christmas seemed a long way off and school holidays were nothing more than a endless summer however as an adult.... A week off work is welcome anyday of the year Smile.. I think when this happens you want to not look back on anything you do I wouldnt... Its been ten years since I for example came out the closet and to be honest only my nan insists being gay is still in me head.

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