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Sexual dissatissfaction
So whenever I hookup with another guy, I almost always leave unsatissfied. I am horny a little bit later and end up jacking off. Anybody got any advice on what I could do or maybe help me with what I am not doing?
Schedule a 2-3 dates in one night so you can just get off one date and rush to the next one. Always help.
Hi Craig, welcome to the forums...

My first impression was that maybe the guys you are hooking up with are just in it for a quick shot and not really satisfying you, seems obvious enough. Without any details it's hard to really make an honest opinion. I've always found sex better with people I'm close to because you want to please each other, rather than just yourself. Selfish lovers are probably gonna leave you feeling like that.

If you're not truly satisfied, it's worth looking at what drives you sexually, and at what point you're really left wanting. Not to get too detailed but - it might not last long enough, whatever. What I'm getting at is that it may be something deeper than your partners and biology that's leaving you dissatisfied?

lol and as for 2-3 dates in one night : sounds crazy and fun; if it works for you be careful.
Have you tried jacking off before the date? (Although I would freely admit I found that sex was far better for me with someone for whom I have some feeling!)
by sexual dissatisfaction, what do you exactly mean? like you're a bottom and your partner only last like 5-10 minutes? and you want for more and he doesn't anymore? or like, you're a top and that your partner stops you like after 2-3 minutes of penetrating him because he can't stand the pain anymore thus resulting of you in simply jacking off? you've got to be clearer actually.

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