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Do you guys prefer shave or unshaved penis? what about legs, shaved or unshaved?
I shave my legs and arm pits and manicure the lawn and prefer the same in a man. I am not a big fan of body hair.
I shave nothing .... I´m a male ... males have to have hairs.... and I have hairs Cool
Shaved males smells like babys.... disgusting

as I met my man the second time he has not had a beard .... now he has :biggrin:
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I shave my face, as required for work, and my head because I'm balding anyway, I shave my balls and keep my pubes trimmed because I don't think anyone blowing me should have to floss their teeth with pubic hair, but the rest is as nature made it.
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I like a beard on a guy, ditto body hair but there should be no hair on his tree trunk.

I trim my bush a bit back and pluck the hair off my shaft. Not a fan of a hairy cock.
Shave, no.
Trim, yes.
Shave the face (from time to time), trim the pubes, haven't had to worry about shaving the shaft or balls since I'm obviously getting no action.
I prefer anything in particular. Trimmed is good though. But body hairs are awesome! They make guy soo much hotter.
i shave my face hate beards ! but i like trimmed pubes but natural legs cause i cant help but think if he hasn't even grown leg hair then whats his dick like haha but i hate hair chests but i wouldn't stop unless he was really hairy !
Don't like beards, in general I don't like hairy bodies, but I wouldnt mind a little bit :-)

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