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Should I tell the truth?

I have a problem and I am in somewhat of a sticky situation. Basically I have an exam in January at university and it is the most frustrating and awful subject ever, I do all the required work and reading but yet it is still hard. Other people on my course have no idea what is going on and although I do know some knowledge I don't think in the exam I would do fantastically the exam is worth 100% of my grade.

Basically myself and three others went to see our lecturer for a tutorial and he showed us the exam paper we would be getting in January, all of the questions an he even went through how to answer them and what to put. I recorded this on my phone so I would have it for reference and to use in my revision. He old us not to tell our classmates but I feel really guilty. I have never experienced this before and I am not a cheat, I have never cheated in my life, but i am in my final year of university and I am desperate to get the highest mark.even if I get rid of my notes etc I still know what is on the paper and what to read, I told my dad about this an he told me not to complain an use this to my advantage but also to be careful and not tell anyone, my dad is quite by the book an has told me to turn a blind eye. I am also worried about getting a reputation as a whistle blower. So what do I do? Use this inside info to my advantage? Or tell a member of staff and not do as well on another exam?
Oh my goodness I've never come across that before, a lecturer showing someone how to cheat, why would he do that? You can still read the books he suggested but also other related books so your answers will come from you and not just what he suggested, be creative in your exam, show that you've read widely. Ten people can read the same books but come to different conclusions. And for goodness sake don't complain, if you do, you will find that is one way of ending your academic career for sure, colleagues of your lecturer will not appreciate your honesty. Academia can be a very private club. So use the books he's suggested but other books also, so you've not cheated at all. Your honesty is refreshing.
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He is the one who marks the exam too. Confused
Also he didn't tell us what books to use he gave us the answers and we took notes he basically showed us the questions and talked through the answers.
I think i know who this is and if i am right, i understand your dilemma 100%.

I asked myself if I was in a position of responsibility, what would cause me to take similar action.

After thought my answer is, if I had 100% faith that my students would pass the course and if I was 100% that those students would give their all in their chosen profession and would impact others lives in an undoubtable positive way, I would do what ever i my power to ensure that my students would head into such a decisive exams as relaxed and as confident as possible.

Take from that what you will Wink

I honestly don't believe you have anything to feel guilty about, you have done nothing wrong.

Your lecturer for reason only really known to him chose this course of action, and action that can't be undone. Without knowing his reasons for sure, I can't say he is right or wrong (Technically wrong I know)

Seriously, I would let this slide, keep up the hard work and take yourslef to this exam relaxed and confident.
I don´t know what you should do ... but maybe you know the story of the last german minister of defence and his doctoral thesis ( right word ? ) .. he used a lot of copy&paste for his work.... and that is at first a shame and for my opinion not the right way to be a honest man who can stand free in his world.
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Oh my goodness he told you the answers and he marks the exams, that is bad, my heart goes out to you. But I do agree with dfiant let it slide, honesty is not always the best policy.
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Oh wow...this is a tough one. Putting myself in your place my reaction is rage at being put in the situation. What are the teachers motives? Does he need high scores for some kind of recognition?

Since you are asking for opinions I will give you my honest opinion...I think you are in an impossible situation and I think taking the test in January after all this time and for what is at stake is the best course of action BUT...

...I would have to confront this man and look him in the eye...hopefully at the end of your education...and tell him how dishonest and scummy his actions were and how much you resent him forcing the situation upon you...assuming that is how you feel...I am telling you what I would HAVE TO have to be true to yourself though so think about what it would take for you as an individual to go on with your life without having this weigh on your conscience...the things you dont' address have the potential to hinder your life at a later date.

I would deeply regret not addressing the man and putting it back in his lap. I would be completely 100% honest so I wouldn't feel as though I still needed to tell him something. IF I did that I would be able to let it go.

....looking in someone's eyes and telling them exactly what you think in private is a very freeing experience and when the time comes and if that feels right for you I would highly recommend it.

The truth really does set you free and he deserves to hear it as you deserve the freedom it will give you.

Good Luck To You! I don't know who you are but I truly empathize with your situation and I truly wish you a speedy resolution.
I don't think that would be the best policy to confront a lecturer who is also examiner, not if you want the grades you're looking for..?
[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Green"]Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde[/COLOR][/SIZE]
This lecturer should be sacked, it's totally unprofessional.
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