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Showing messages to others
Just thought I would share that if someone posting anonymously quotes another person it tells that person who it is in the alerts tab. This happened when I clicked my alerts just now.
Yeah it does that. I sent Andy a PM about it. Not sure if it is something he would be able to fix.

A lot of these features are just plugins or "mods" and they don't always "respect" other mods, same problem with other forum platforms like phpBB and so on.

So those who post anonymously should NOT quote others, or remove the post ID and username of what they're quoting

So when quoting someone you need to remove the "pid" and the user...
[quote="Cridders88" pid='736163' dateline='1650482577']
The stuff that you're quoting..

Should look like this...

The stuff that you're quoting..

That all being said, nothing here, nothing anywhere on the internet is anonymous.
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I had send Andy a message about that a while ago, not sure if it's something he could fix.
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