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Slang from the 20th century
I read through these and I knew virtually none of them. Have I missed something? Maybe I just used the English language.
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I knew some of these, though most of them I haven't. Keep in mind that these were just spoken among certain circles and that's it, the slang words generally did not escape outside those circles or time frames.
Oh please, you live in Europe;

England may have originated the English Language, but you all use heavy slang all the time compared to other English speakers.

We and those in the Caribbean share the feature of having a creolized lingual continuum, so we in a sense formulate our own "English Language", which is interestingly not mutually intelligible with European and American English:

"Ya de Doppa don Doppa"

Can only be said in standard English as "You're the King of Kings", but is not what we actually say:

Similar to how Europeans say "Bloke" or "Chuffed".

It's entirely normal and natural no matter the language.

But simply more prevalent in certain areas and cultures.
Hence why Americans and Europeans can talk and understand each other for the most part, and I can understand either English:

But it doesn't work in reverse and none of you can understand us or have a hard time understanding Caribbean speech.

The three majour Englishes and due to differences of slang and culture, are not gonna be mutually intelligible, with the exception of Caribbean English(es), which is a diglossic continuum with Standard English.
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