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Slowly... First online
Well, I *am* a dreamer.
The road of acceptance can be full of stones and stumbling blocks and may seem like the very worst road to take, you know, through the swamps, past the haunted house, through the Dark Forest where strange unmentionable beasts reside.

But on the other side its all poppies and tidy farms and way off on the distance is a tint of Green from the Emerald City.... :biggrin:

It gets better and it does get easier.

I'm not saying that life over the rainbow is any easier or 'better than' life under the rainbow - both places have many similar issues, problems and tedious 'junk' to deal with. Its just nice to know where you are and accept who and what you are.

To are doing good - if not great in many ways.
Hey, I love haunted houses! But that's a whole other discuss, as is the haunted dorm in which I lived for four years! ;-)

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