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Slutty Holloween costumes
Hey everyone, I need some opinions, my boss at work is having a holloween party and asked me to come, the only rule is you have to be dressed up and revealing costumes are encouraged, she knows im gay and she is also bi and her friends know it, She told me I should get a slutty police outfit which is mainly just a pair of boxerbriefs with a see through back side, handcuffs and a chest piece. I cant leave a link but you can go to adam male and look it up under undergear if you want to see it?

Now the only problem I have is one: im not a super fit gym freak, two: If i see a cute guy I will get a boner and three, I and very self conance and am worried that because im not a super fit guy that I will get stared at and/or riticuled about it.

The partys at my bosses house and she said if anyone gets in my face they will get an ass kicking but I dont want to start something but love the idea of wearing something like that.

For anyone wondering, im around 190p 5'11, i have a bit of a round belly but not bad while standing and slight manboobs.
if you're not comfortable in the outfit, then you won't enjoy yourself at the party.
Tell him when l come up to him and ask to play the record, l'm gonna say: 
''Voulez-vous jouer ce disque?''
'Voulez-vous, will you kiss my dick?'
Will you play my record? One-track mind!
I would politely decline the invitation and do something else for Halloween. Mixing work and social life is fraught with perils on its own, then throw in a slutty Halloween party and you could well have repercussions you can't even begin to imagine now, despite any assurances from your boss.

If you insist on going, play it safe, don't get too drunk, and don't choose an outfit with see through fabric scarcely covering your ass or the family jewels. You could be a topless policeman using lots of those costume items but still have on pants or dark shorts, fitting within the theme and having fun but still maintaining the appropriate decorum for a work situation.
Would one of my black pair of short leg boxer briefs work or a pair of dark briefs, Im sure once I drink enough i wont care, my main problem is that i may get excited, I love the idea and want to im just fighting myself with it, its like i just am not sure if i could pull it off. Btw ive gotten super drunk with my boss at a bar before so i dont think it will be an issue
It is not a work event either half of our emploies are under 21 and its a private party
Understood. It's a private party where some of your work associates will be there.
One of them �� and ive gotten super drunk with her before we have quickly become good friends so i dont think if i wear something like that it will hurt anything
well it sounds like your boss thinks you will look good in a revealing outfit so why not go for it ....your not going as a super model so don't stress about not having the gym body,,,,half the fun is stepping outside your normal boundaries for Halloween....and you may be surprised how many compliments you get for just going the extra mile anyway - if you are comfortable with it for this one night then don't let fear of others put you off - plus its your bosses house , who is going to be rude to you there when you are all dressed up together - enjoy your party and laugh in the face of anyone negative
"when u wake up with me ....I'll be your glass of water"
You can always go with Slave Leia. It's a standard. You get fabric and armor to cover up any potential reveal. Always sexy.

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