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Smurf Pick-up Lines
Don't be blue, I'll go with you...

Wanna see what's under the hat?

(I'm just want to see what someone will make of the obvious joke!)
Too obvious, but just which Smurf is the dick head?

"Are you blue everywhere? Can I see?"
" they don't call me spicy smurf for my skills in the kitchen Wink"
Quote:"Are you blue everywhere? Can I see?"

Are you blue all the way to your toes?

...So, what DO you call blue-balls on a Smurf? Or do they even HAVE balls? They flirt w/Smurfette, but baby smurfs comes for the moon!...
Hahahaha. I can just picture this happening in one of their movies and all the kids gasping.

Those little freaky blue things. Hahaha Wink
You are so hot my balls are turning purple:biggrin:
Hey smurfy, why don't we go back to my smurf and i can smurf you in your smurf and maybe you can smurf me in my smurf?
That's smurfin' fantastic!
Our pants all smurf the same...
"Are you blueberry flavored? Can I taste to find out?"

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