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Sneaky preacher comes out on our side
I assume he's a preacher. In any case, it's a trap! This is state of the art culture jamming. Clap

Wait for it to get to the end:

I hope this might actually shock a few people to reexamine their homophobia, but I know I probably hope for too much.
I will never understand Americas love affair with these load mouthed obnoxious preachers.
The idiot didn't even know what he was reading!
He was being sarcastic Marc. If you watch to the end you'll see that the point he was making was that racism in the 50s is no different the homophobia today. I absolutely love this guy and his method of delivering such a poignant message. If only others could see that discriminating based on sexuality is no different than basing it on race. Sadly, the measure he was arguing against was tabled instead of even being voted upon.
i have no problem with people of faith practicing what they believe to be truth. responsible Christians and other believers understand that the encroachment on anyone's rights endangers everyone's rights. what concerns me is when anyone uses the government to advance their agenda. if this person opposed government intrusion upon individual rights, bully for him!

hugs n smoochies!

That was wonderful. This is the best way to shock people into at least briefly considering that they are wrong. Planting mental timebombs and seeds.
Love it. I wonder how many people really got it?

Debating on big political boards...especially with conservative religious people...they are not really happy when you point things like this out and they either...

Completely ignore it and start quoting scripture

Completely ignore it and start shouting at you doing their best impression of Glen beck

Completely ignore it because if you tell them the truth you must be a godless liberal.

Completely ignore it and pretend they didn't hear it.
Nice use of sarcasm to prove a point.

Thank you for the share Pix.
Yeah i wonder how many actually listened to the ending and who actually understood what he was saying. As Marc did, they probly thought he screwed up and didn't catch on. So i really hope his message conveys.
Marc Wrote:I will never understand Americas love affair with these load mouthed obnoxious preachers.
The idiot didn't even know what he was reading!
i never understood it eitherShakin
At least in East Texas there are churches that BRAG about being "fire & brimstone" which meant they focused on the wrath of God. And a great many people LOVE it. I don't understand it, but I've noticed that it appeals to masochists, to elitists who want to feel better than others (so, for example, overcomes feelings of guilt for masturbation & infidelity to feel like a saint by hating on them homosexuals), and, interesting enough, those who get all hot by it (at least a few get horny as hell listening to how sex will land them in Hell and some start rubbing against each other the moment they're in their truck before they're even out of the church parking lot, and kids seemed especially prone to this but as a kid myself I suppose I wouldn't have noticed the adults doing the same anywhere as well). Finally, I suspect a few predators take advantage of the guilt-prone females as I've heard way too many stories of girls sexually abused by "youth ministers" and the like (and girls raised as such are just likely to stay quiet and blame themselves and are more likely to be the ones punished if they don't), but I hope that's only a few.

Didn't work for me, though. After I moved in with Granny while the 'rents were divorcing she took me to the most popular (and fire & brimstone) Baptist church in town because she hoped it would help me make friends (everyone in the Bible Belt is supposed to go to church, and it sometimes matters which church you claim to belong to, even if you almost never go). Unknown to both of us (I was informed later) the preacher "initiated" all new people by staring accusingly and with condemnation at anyone new while ranting from the pulpit about sin (and apparently it's part of what made it such a popular church, one reason I think it appeals to masochists).

But I didn't understand why. Here I was, 13 (and my very brief foray into puberty stopped leaving me looking even younger), in the Sunday best Granny put me in, and leaving me confused why he was staring at me as he literally spat while ranting about sinners (especially loose girls) and people who ignore God. At first I was patient, but when he didn't stop I reached into Granny's purse and got some gummi worms to chew on, and once they were all chewed up I stuck my tongue out with the chewed up candy on them (ETA: my hope was that he'd be so disgusted that he'd stare at someone else instead).

He noticed, he looked like he was about to have a stroke as he went into a fit of rage about children who disrespect God and live self-destructive lifestyles and he was so worked up that others in front of us turned around, and then WHAP! Granny's hand came down on my leg hard and I swallowed the gummi worms.

Granny couldn't get out of there fast enough after service was over but the preacher caught us (he must've sprinted) and demanded to know who I was. Granny tried to make him sympathetic telling him of my 'rents divorcing in Houston but he heard "Houston" and started going to on to me about how they in town don't like "punks from the big city" and how he wasn't going to allow big city kids like me to corrupt them until I asked, "Do you know how boring you are?"

As he looked to be having a second stroke Granny dragged me out of there and scolded me hard on the drive back home. But at one point (more to herself than to me) she muttered, "You're just 13, what's HIS excuse? Man of God, my ass." I was very careful not to let Granny see my smile.

But that church turned the entire town against me (save a select few kids who thought I was cool for telling off the preacher that way). Some of my relatives who went regularly to that church bawled me out over embarrassing them by acting out as I did. I'll never understand why churches like that are so popular (and thus powerful), but they are.

ETA2: Btw, that town was where I went to my first kegger, despite it being a "dry county," ran from the cops for the first time in my life (actually deputies who raided the kegger I just mentioned), experimented more in sex than I ever had before, smoked pot & did shrooms for the first time (and turned down harder drugs offered to me), saw porn (both magazine & movie), and shot a gun for the first time in my life (while a boy was rubbing up against me at the same time as he "taught me to shoot" his dad's "borrowed" .22 pistol). So I don't get why the preacher thought I was going to corrupt THEM. :p

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